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Adblock Plus unveil its own ad platform

Could this be a joke? Adblock Plus which has been known for blocking irrelevant and relevant ads in website/blogs had now join the ad tech market with its brand new Acceptable Ads Platform in serving or allowing specific ads to be show even on browsers that have Adblock enabled, but only with the ads that Adblock as approved and in locations allowed by Adblock.

Before now, Ad publishers and sellers have been battling with ad blockers because of how it drastically affect there businesses and profits. Even site owners are not happy with the way Adblock blocks there ads.

Now, Adblock now believes that it is basically OK to put some ads, as long as their non-intrusive and only seen in locations approved by the Acceptable Ads standards.” In practice, this means ads that don’t popup and are located outside of the main content area.

Well, Adblock Plus insist that isn’t selling ads with this platform rather they are simply offering a whitelist of ads to be display. If you are Adblock user then It will be good for you to note very soon, you will be seeing ads, though Adblock says you can still disable ads showing if you like.



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