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Another Big Foul From Airtel As They Stops Smarttrybe Night Plan Renewal

Before now, Airtel Smarttrybe night plan was the baddest night plan I ever know. They started the night plan with the ability to download unlimited at low cost then gradually they changed ring tone by scrapping the unlimited to N25 for 500mb and N50 for 1.5GB respectively then just last week, they updated there ringing tone to another one by increasing the N25 for 500mb and N50 for 1.5GB to N25 for 500mb and N200 for 1.5GB and now they changed to another ringing tone.

Now, Airtel after increasing the N50 for 1.5GB to N200 for 1.5GB they have taking another action which now affect the N25 for 500mb own. Before now, you can renew the N25 for 500mb whenever you exhaust your data but now you can't any longer as Airtel already stopped the renewal to one in a night. Simply means that you can now subscribe to the N25 for 500mb one per night like the MTN Pulse Night plan N25 for 500mb.

If you try to re-sub or renew the daily N25 for 500mb night plan the same night, Airtel will give you a message like:

Dear customer, you are already active on this data plan
Though I haven't know about the N200 for 1.5GB if they have also stopped the daily renewal of the night plan, but as for the N25 for 500mb, Airtel has stopped the daily renewal and I have this feeling that it will have affected the N200 for 1.5GB too.

Way Forward

The best option will have now in larger files is to subscribed for Airtel N25 for 500mb and after you exhaust it then subscribe to MTN night plan N25 for 500mb also then with it you can download files of 1GB for N50 only in one night. If you are the type that have multiple sims then you can subscribe to those sims one after the other as you they exhaust the mb.



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