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Germany orders Facebook to stop WhatsApp data collection

If you recall, sometimes last month, Whatsapp announced that they are changing or updating their Terms and privacy policy which will involved sharing our data to Facebook. Though Whatsapp says that they genuine reasons for them in updating this policy but Germany governments seems not to care about their reasons, Now they are stopping Whatsapp from data collection to Facebook.

According to my source, The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has issued an administrative order against Facebook and WhatsApp, essentially demanding that Facebook stop collecting data from Whatsapp users.

"This administrative order protects the data of about 35 million WhatsApp users in Germany. It has to be their decision, whether they want to connect their account with Facebook,” Commissioner Johannes Caspar said on the order. “Therefore, Facebook has to ask for their permission in advance. This has not happened.”

Facebook told The New York Times that they are ready to compel with the German agency to address these concerns, while at the same time reiterating that it has complied with Europe’s privacy rules. This isn’t the first time Facebook’s decision to collect WhatsApp user data has caught the attention of a country’s privacy board, with UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office saying shortly after the original announcement that it would be looking into these new policies.

 However, this will only affect WhatsApp users in Germany, but it could set a precedent that causes other countries to follow suit.

Source: The New York Times


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