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Jumia is launching an online store where you can buy and sell made-in-Nigeria products

In case you miss it, Jumia Nigeria is marking this year Nigeria’s 56th independence day by launching an online store which will embrace homegrown, good quality Nigerian goods. Jumia named this store as  Jumia Local and the official launch is this Saturday, October 1, 2016, with a press event / business exhibition at Ayo Van Elmar’s Fashion Cafe, Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

Jumia Nigeria belief that the only way to grow Nigeria economy or to make Nigeria economy better is to support Made-In-Nigeria products. I personally support the notion because most of the goods produce in Nigeria are much stronger than the ones we buy from oversea. Further more, Jumia Local will be available for Merchants to sell their products at 0% commission, and  not only that, Jumia will also sponsor the promotion of this products through their marketing channels (social media accounts, mobile apps, billboards, and radio).

Lastly, Jumia is working with key government and institutional partners to create a supportive ecosystem around entrepreneurs who produce locally, to provide them with access to resources, and training for business growth, access to funding, marketing, branding, production, and commercial strategy.

Jumia will also be hosting a local online competition for Nigerian entrepreneurs where the winner will be awarded the sum of HALF A MILLION NAIRA towards building or growing their business. The details of the competition will be announced during the Jumia Local launch and shared on Jumia’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.



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