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New Glo Data Plans Will Wow You

For real, Glo NG is the best internet provider with the best affordable data plans in Nigeria. Well, they just review their data plans and the new data plans will wow you. Glo NG have decided to add  more GB to their data plans which is more better than the ones they have before.

Though Glo NG has issue with their network coverage in some areas which is currently one of their greatest problem now. People like me already label them with the name "Baba-Go-Slow". Well apart from the sluggishness in the network coverage, every other thing is pretty okay.

Well, without much talking, below are the new Glo data plans:

  • N1000 = 3.2GB Valid for 30days Dial *127*53# to activate
  • N2000 = 7.5GB Valid for 30days Dial *127*55# to activate
  • N2000 = 2GB + 2.5GB on Campus + N2000 Airtime + 500MB Data to Gift 30days *127*58#
  • N2500 = 10GB 30days Dial *127*58# to activate
  • N3000 = 12GB 30days Dial *127*54# to activate

You can as well dial *777# to check out other Glo data plans.

Well, I know that this new Glo data plans is in flavor of those that have strong Glo network coverage in their area but come to think of it, The new data might also stand as a challenge to other networks and might also move them to increase theirs too which will return in favor of everybody. In other news, Glo still rocking for free unlimited, tap HERE to see the settings.


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