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Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Come Without Headphone Jack Too

They are fresh rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is different from the one posted Here yesterday. A new report claim that Samsung is ‘actively and aggressively’ looking into the development of its own proprietary headphone jack following Apple’s unveiling of the Lightning port-only iPhone 7.  Simply  means that the Samsung galaxy might be coming without headphone jack just like iPhone 7 and will be replaced with lightning port-only where you will need to have adapter before you can use headphone.

The report also claim thst Samsung engineers are pushing for this proprietary jack to provide better audio quality than current 3.5mm offerings, but reportedly aren’t too sure any increases will be possible or noticeable. As with the iPhone 7, this proprietary plug would require an adapter to use existing headphones with 3.5mm connectors.

The adapter requirement raises the larger question of whether consumers will be at all receptive. Apple has been on the receiving end of ample criticism and mockery since the iPhone 7’s unveiling, with many vowing never to buy a smartphone that does away with the perfectly functional and simple 3.5mm jack in favor of proprietary connectors and clunky adapters.

Samsung declined commenting on the rumor. As with any unverifiable rumors like this, take it all with a grain of salt.

While If Samsung now decided to copy Apple in removing there own Headphone jack then Samsung is not thinking right because it will affect there sales and might make them to loose so many customers.


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