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Rumours: Likely Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs And Features

Few months ago, Samsung Galaxy S7 was available in the market and so to say, Samsung did a great job to the Samsung Galaxy S7, lots of improvements was made but in today's world nothing is satisfactory. Enthusiasts could not help but anticipate more gadgets.

Just as rumours around predictable, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will likely retain some of the best features of the previous model and as well brings new features.

According to the report, Samsung will follow Apple's dual lens camera feature of its new iPhone 7 Plus. Reports have emerged saying that the device will carry a 12 and 13 MP dual-lens primary camera technology and an iris scanner. The leaked information also suggests that Samsung Galaxy S8 will carry an 8 MP front-facing shooter, which is an upgrade from the current 5 MP of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may have a 4K UHD Display with 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution. The S8 is believed to have a 5.5-inch screen. The handset, will probably come with Snapdragon 830 chipset, 6 GB of RAM, and will have Android Nougat installed.

The system is likely to offer face detection function, aside from identifying the user’s iris and eye structure in order to get an accurate result. Furthermore, the handset may have two screens located on each side of the “built-in cover.”

Samsung has always been able to satisfy us in some way or the other. So let’s hope Samsung Galaxy S8 turns out to be a classic example of perfection. Rumour has it that the device will be unveiled at next year's MWC 2017. However, the company has yet to provide concrete details about its development and release date.


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