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Updates: How To Know If You Are Eligible To Enjoy MTN NG 4G LTE Service

If you have been following, MTN Nigeria has been testing their 4G LTE service for a while and now they have fully launched the 4G LTE service across the country and is available to anyone with either a Visafone or MTN SIM card but they are some basic information you need to know before you can enjoy the 4G LTE on your device.

Visafone Subscribers

Just like have posted in my previous post, If you own a Visafone line and has been migrated to MTN, you are eligible to use the MTN 4G service. According to MTN, you are restricted to Visafone’s data plans only which are quite expensive. Well, if you can afford the data plans then dial *444# to select the available data plan.

MTN Subscribers

MTN users, to be eligible to enjoy this MTN 4G service then you will have to swap your SIM card for a 4G-compatible SIM card. After that is done then you will also need compatible 4G smartphone, You can enjoy the enjoy the 4G service with regular MTN data plans which you can activate through dialing *131# to subscribe MTN data plans.

How To know If Your Device Support MTN 4G LTE Band

The MTN 4G LTE only work with this LTE band 7 (2600mHz). So if you already have a 4G-compatible Visafone or MTN SIM card then just check out if your phone support this band then you are good to go in enjoying this 4G service.

MTN has also made it easy for you to confirm whether both your smartphone and SIM card are compatible with their 4G service. Text “4G” to 131 and you will receive a text message in response telling you if either of both are compatible with the network.

How will I know that I am connected to 4G network on my mobile?

The 4G signal will be reflected on your 4G Smartphone signal bar.

To know more about MTN 4G LTE service, visit http://mtnonline.com/4g



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