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Glo Free Unlimited Browsing Rocks With XP Psiphon

Good day guys, it been a while... hope you are all good? I will take Yes!! as an answer. While I was away, I noticed that some of you are having issues with the Unlimited Glo free browsing. Well, have been able to come up with another way of rocking the Unlimited Glo free browsing with XP Psiphon, thanks to Shabuzaman for sharing this with me.

XP Psiphon is another amazing VPN that works better than other VPN's like Droid VPN and co. The XP Psiphon seems stable with the Glo Unlimited free browsing and it kind of faster while downloading/browsing too. So if you will like to check it out, kindly follow the step-by-step guide which am about to share with you below.

Where To Download XP Psiphon
Click HERE to Download it

XP Psiphon configuration for Glo 0.00k
1. First of all, you have to be on PAYU service,so if you are not then send PAYU to 127 and kindly wait for response from GLO.

2. Configure your APN as below:

APN Name: Glo
APN: glosecure
APN type: default, supl
Username: secure
Password: secure


APN Name: Glo
APN: gloflat
APN type: default, supl
Username: flat
Password: flat

3. Launch your XP Psiphon then click on the Menu at the top left side of the app

Then click on XP generator

Use the below settings in the XP Generator settings:
Proxy (IP Port):
Real Proxy Type: HTTP
Then your Proxy type will be Real Host
Now click on Generate

4. Now click on Menu again and this time, click on settings

Then tick Connect through an HTTP
tick on use system Network settings

5. Then go back to HOME and choose any server location you want and tick on connect.

Then wait for it to connect

Wow!! that's all guys and start flexing.

Let's me know if it works for you via the comment box.




  1. Really cool 😎 bro 👍 ☺, it was first forestopping but i later talk to its head and it does normal