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Whatsapp video call now available for all users

After some many weeks of testing the Whatsapp video call on beta versions, Whatsapp has finally made it available for all users. No matter the versions you are using (Beta or Normal) you can now successfully rock the Whatsapp video feature.

This new feature was announced yesterday via +Mark Zuckerberg official Facebook page and guess what? using this Whatsapp video feature is one of the most simplest thing you can ever think of. First of all, you need to install the new update via Google Playstore for Android Users and Apple Stores for iOS users.

Well for now, both Voice call and Video call are placed other same umbrella but to use it the video call feature, all you will have to do is that, tap the call icon at the top of a WhatsApp conversation. Just like you want to start a normal call then choose video calling instead and you will be connected to the person if he/she as already support the feature too.

During video call, a user can decide to use the front camera or the back camera camera. This is cool for a situation where the front camera is not very sharp or you want to show somebody an image using the back camera.

One can also mute the call if they don’t want to hear sounds without actually ending the call. Ending the call requires only the tapping of the red button on the screen.

Personally, have tested the calling feature and I give them a thumb up for adding this Video calling to Whatsapp for making this feature available for the most used chatting app in the world. In the matter of time, Whatsapp video call might even beat skype video calling and other related video calling apps but before then, have you been able to install the latest Whatsapp version? How do you see the video calling feature? Share your comments about it below.



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