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FG to launch 'Buhari mobile app' In December 15, See the 7 features of the App.

The Nigerian Government are preparing to unveil a mobile app (Not the one that will take us out of Recession ooo) that will bridge the information gap between the government and the people. It help Nigerians know what the government is doing real time.

According to report, it was confirmed by the Nigerian Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed when having meeting with the Residents Information Officers (RIOs) in the ministry last week.

The app is said to be launch in December 15th 2016 and some are calling it the Buhari mobile app, report has it that it would be called the Federal Government Information App (FGIAPP).

The Federal Government Information App (FGIAPP) is said to come with a lot of features which are highlighted below.

  1. This unique app will put an end to the misrepresentation and dissemination of falsehood on activities the Buhari-led government.
  2. It will help Nigerians monitor the activities of the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.
  3. With this app, you can get to know what is happening in Nigeria from anywhere in the world.
  4. This information dissemination app was developed by Olawole Falope
  5. The Resident Information Officers (RIOs) from ministries, departments and agencies would be the one that would feed the app with stories.
  6. This new app will go on hand held devices.
  7. It would function 24/7 all year round
Well to me, I didn't see any reason why the FG will be thinking about something like this when there are more important matters hitting the country hard. We already have enough of such apps in Google play and Apple store's, so why wasting money on irrelevant things? Huh? Buhari? 

Well, guys, that's my own view. What about you, did you think this app will lead us out of recession or..........?


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