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Google confirms to launch two flagship Android Wear smartwatches in early 2017

In July, there was reports that claims that Google is working on two high-end smartwatches of its own (Angelfish and Swordfish), which were supposed to be launch alongside the Android Wear 2.0 release this year. But then the new version of the company's wearable OS got delayed until 2017, and so we assumed the launch of the watches was postponed for that reason.

Today Jeff Chang, Google's product manager of Android Wear, has confirmed that the company is actually working on two flagship smartwatches which will be release to market early next year (so before March 31).

These will be the first devices to launch running Android Wear 2.0, but then throughout 2017 we'll reportedly see more watches powered by the new OS version, from other partners. Some of those may even present their wearable at CES in January, while others will wait for Baselworld in March.

Google's smart watches will not be Pixel-branded as we expected, instead they will carry the name of the company that's making them. Which company that is hasn't been revealed, only that it's one that has created Android Wear smartwatches before. Chang compared the development of these devices to the now-dead Nexus program for smartphones, in which Google worked closely with a hardware partner for each handset and the final products were co-branded.

Past rumors said one of the Google watches will have LTE, GPS, a heart rate monitor, as well as a bigger footprint and more buttons than the other. This will clearly be the more expensive of the duo, while the entry-level model will not feature LTE, GPS, or a heart rate monitor, but will come with replaceable straps.

The fifth and last developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 will be out in January. Google Assistant support and Android Pay are both going to be features of the final release. Obviously, watches without NFC won't be able to support Android Pay. On the other hand, if you do have an Android Wear device with NFC, the payment platform will work even if it's paired to an iPhone.



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