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Have MTN Nigeria Secretly Shutdown Their 4G LTE Network?

MTN Nigeria launched their 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) in October 2016. 4G LTE service is meant to delivers very high internet connection speeds but reverse is the case of MTN NG 4G LTE, I hardly see the different between their H+ and the claim 4G LTE.
MTN 4GLTE network

Well, in the last few weeks, MTN 4G LTE network seems to have gone AWOL. All the locations (AJAH, Ikeja, Oshodi, Agege and many more locations) have been to in the Lagos axis last pass few days, not even single bar network of MTN 4GLTE was found.

At first, I taught it was my SIM and Phone but I also noticed that some people are also complaining too for not seeing the 4G LTE. I reached to MTN customer service support but what they are telling me is not related to the answer I want.

Or is it want am thinking that happen to MTN 4GLTE network? Have they been secretly sanctioned to shutdown their 4GLTE network in other to favor other small 4G LTE network providers (Smile, Ntel) due to the recent data saga palaba endorse by NCC?

Please guys, If you use MTN 4GLTE, kindly share with us your experience with it in the last few weeks.


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