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Have you receive your free 1TeraBytes data from Glo?

WTF!!!... Glo Nigeria is currently dashing out whopping amount of free 1Terabytes PAYU data to some selected customers without activating or subscribing for anything.That's crazy abi? I know that.

Few hours ago, a friend of mine received this awoof 1 Terabytes data from Glo on his sim which he have been using for sometime now and according to him, he haven't activate any subscription recently and no airtime in the sim presently.

According to the message received, the 1Terabytes data will expire on 21/12/2084, 68years from now? oh boy.... lol 😂😂 .
CONGRATS! you have successfully subscribed to PAYU data plan giving 1022976 Mb it will expire on 21/12/2084 01;24.

The data is blazing for now, only that the network is coming and going.

So what about you? Have you receive your free 1TeraBytes from Glo? Share your experience about it.


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