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Instagram introduce more new tools and control

In the bid to keep Instagram safe for everyone, the Co-Founder & CEO of Instagram,  Kevin Systrom has unveil some new tools which to be added to Instagram in other to reduce cyberbullying and improve positivity on its platform. Instagram is adding a new tools that will allow all users to turn off comments on any post, they are introducing a way to ‘heart’ individual comments, bump followers from a private account and anonymously report certain posts.

The ability to disable comments on any post is found under “Advanced Settings” on the “Share To” page. Tap that, and you can toggle on/off a switch next to “Turn off commenting.” According to Kevin Systrom, The feature will be arriving in the near future, and will help avoid negative comments entirely by preventing them on posts likely to be controversial.

Also, Instagram adding more control features to those with private accounts by allowing them to remove approved followers without blocking those followers. This feature will stop such individual from receiving  notification from you and they won’t notice unless they try to go to your private page directly and see that they don’t have access.

Yet another feature is the ability to ‘heart’ individual comments, the idea of this feature is to show support and encourages positivity throughout the community. Just as is reported on Instagram official blog, this feature will be arriving in the next few weeks.

Lastly, Instagram is adding a feature similar to one added to Facebook: the ability to anonymously report a user who may be harming themselves or at risk of self-harm. Users who are reported will be directed to organizations for help. According to Instagram, there’s a 24/7 team reviewing these reports globally.



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