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Latest: How to download unlimited with Glo 0.00k via UC Handler (Tutorial Video)

Without no doubt, Glo PAYU free unlimited browsing/downloading is one of the longest freebies this year. For time to time, different methods of using this Glo freebies has emerged online and people keep rocking it.

Though, I noticed that most people are having issue with the Glo unlimited when downloading large files due to Psiphon Handler or Tweakware often disconnecting. To solve it, am going to show you another amazing way of downloading large files with your Glo 0.00k.

Today, I will show you how people like me have been downloading heavily with the Glo unlimited freebie. With this tweak, no VPN like Psiphon, Tweakware is involved instead you will only need UC Browser Handler.

Have made a video tutorial about the whole settings and how its works, please make sure you watch it below but for those that can't stream the video due to one reason or the other, continue with the written article.

  • Glo SIM already activated for PAYU [PAYU to 127]
  • UC Handler Version [Download Link Below]
  • Online Webproxy site [,]

Now, lets begin!!

UC Browser Configuration Settings

  • First of all, Download your UC Mini Handler HERE
  • Launch It
  • Go to your handler settings
  • Input Real Host in the Proxy Type
  • Input: htttp:// in your proxy server
  • Then scroll down to OK
How To Download Large Files With The Uc Browser 
  • Assuming you already configure your Uc Browser Handler then launch it
  • Browse the website you want to download files from then search for the files you want to download.
  • After you already see the file or movie you want to download then don't click on download yet cause the file or movie will not download.
  • Now, you will have to first copy the download link of the file [Long press on the file you want to download, a pop up will show then click on Page Info, now you will see the link URL then copy it]
  • Then open a new tab and go to or
  • Now, you will have to paste the download link you copy to the sites mention above and click on GO after pasting. 
  • Your download will begin once you paste the download link to or
  • Keep repeating the whole process for any files you want to download.
Watch The Video Tutorial


So guys, this how you can download large with free Glo unlimited via UC Browser Handler.  



  1. Please when last did you use this I followed the video tutorial but it's not working I will like to know if it's still working for you. Please a quick response will be appreciated.

  2. it shows preparing 0B and that's all.