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MTN NG Data Plans Codes For August 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

Is no more a news that MTN is one of the top network providers in Nigeria. Over 35million Nigerians are currently using MTN for voice and data service. Without no doubt, MTN Internet service is one of the best you can ever use because is fast and very reliable. MTN NG Data Plans Codes For August 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

Just as you already know, MTN offers Internet service for Android, PC, iOS or any devices using the Internet. Well, if you are using MTN for your Internet purpose, then you have might be looking for codes to use in other to subscribe for data bundles on your gadgets.  MTN NG Data Plans Codes For August 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

MTN NG Data Plans Codes For July 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

In this post, I will be sharing with you all MTN latest codes for activating data service for your Android, PC, iOS, Smartwatch, Smart TV or other gadgets using the internet. In MTN data plans, there are various packages includes Daily Plans, Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, Two-month Plans, three months plans and other small packages for WhatsApp or social media purpose only. So, guys, let's begin.

MTN NG Data Plans Codes For August 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

24HRS/Daily Plans
  • Text 104 to 131 [N100 for 50MB + 25MB (*bonus data)]
  • Text 113 to 131 [150MB for N200]
7Days/Weekly Plans
  • Text 102 to 131 [N300 for 150MB]
  • Text 103 to 131 [N500 for 500MB + 250MB (*bonus data)]
30Days/Monthly Plans
  • Text 106 to 131 [N1000 for 1GB + 500MB (*bonus data)] 
  • Text 130 to 131 [N1200 for 1.5GB]
  • Text 110 to 131 [N2000 for 2.5GB + 1GB (*bonus data)]
  • Text 107 to 131 [N3,500 for 5GB]
  • Text 116 to 131 [N5000 for 10GB]
  • Text 117 to 131 [N10,000 for 22GB]
Note: (*bonus data) will be available for use from 1:00am – 7.00am ON MTN DEAL ZONE.

60 Days Plan
  • Text 118 to 131 [N20,000 for 50GB]
90Days/Quarterly Plan
  • Text 133 to 131 [N50,000 for 85GB]

MTN Goody Bag Social

Facebook Daily
  • Text FBD to 131 [N25]
Facebook Weekly 
  • Text FBW to 131 [N50]
Facebook Monthly 
  • Text FBM to 131 [N150]
Instagram Daily  
🔄 Text INSD to 131 

Instagram Weekly
🔄 Text INSW to 131

Instagram Monthly
🔄 Text INSM to 131

Twitter Daily
  • Text TWTD to 131 [N25]
Twitter Weekly
  • Text TWTW to 131 [N50]
Twitter Monthly
  • Text TWTM to 131 [N150]
Eskimi Daily
  • Text ESKD to 131 [N25]
Eskimi Weekly
  • Text ESKW to 131 [N50]
Eskimi Monthly
  • Text ESKM to 131 [N150]
2go Daily
  • Text 2GOD to 131 [N25]
2go Weekly
  • Text 2GOW to 131 [N50]
2go Monthly
  • Text 2GOM to 131 [N150]
Nimbuzz Daily
  • Text NIMD to 131 [N25]
Nimbuzz Weekly
  • Text NIMW to 131 [N50]
Nimbuzz Monthly
  • Text NIMM to 131 [N150]
WeChat Daily
  • Text WCD TO 131 [N25]
WeChat Weekly
  • Text WCW TO 131 [N50]
WeChat Monthly
  • Text WCM TO 131 [N150]
WhatsApp daily Bundle. (1day)
  • Text WAD TO 131 [N25]
WhatsApp weekly Bundle. (7days)
  • Text WAW TO 131 [N50]
WhatsApp monthly Bundle. (30days)
  • Text WAM TO 131 [N150]
MTN Night Plan For All Device
MTN also make it possible for you to surf the net at night [12:00am - 4:00am] [12:00am - 3:30am] for N25 for 500MB and to enjoy this, you will have to be on MTN Pulse. So, dial *406# to migrate to Pulse tariff plan.

MTN Night Plan



  1. O my God MTN and their wiseness. See how they made 5000 naira power 10gb and also made 20k 50gb so that we can rush those ones.

    Abegi let them go jare.

    Now take a look at their GoodyBag plans. See how they increased it From 25naira weekly to daily��. Chain Mtn users don't suffer.

    Anyway the night plan I fair and manageable but am not that type coz I cherish my sleep a lot��.

    Thanks for the update though.

    -Sylvester Chidi