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Smile Data Plans For August 2018 #4GLTE

Smile is a 4G LTE broadband internet service provider that offer super fast internet services in Nigeria at the moment. Currently. Smile network coverage is only available in 7 states which Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha, and Asaba there also plans to roll out its services in some other major cities across Nigeria soon. Smile Data Plans For August 2018 #4GLTE 

To use Smile 4G LTE service, you must have a compatible 4G LTE smartphones that support band 20 (800MHz) and you also need a Smile 4G LTE SIM card to access their service. Though, Smile has their own MiFi and Router devices that let you easily access their 4G LTE internet service. Smile Data Plans For August 2018 #4GLTE 

The SMIFI-S device cost N15,800 and with it, you can share your Smile 4G LTE connection to your PC, Smartphones and other gadgets with it. The SMIFI-S come with UnlimitedLite bundle package and 30days validity period.[Smile Data Plans For August 2018]

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The can also purchase the SMIFI + Unlimited Premium bundle for just N24,800. The SMIFI connect you to with your Smartphones, PC, and other devices. The active Unlimited Premium on the SMIFI valid for 30days.

Also the you can purchase the Smile SIM Only Starter Pack if you already have a universal MiFi or Wi-Fi and all you have to do is insert the Sim into your device. The SIM Only Starter Pack cost only ₦1,000.

Well, if you have been looking for Smile Data Plans for 2018 then you are in the right place. In this post, I will be sharing with you all Smile NG data plans for July 2018

Smile Unlimited Monthly Data Plans August 2018
Smile NG has two Unlimited Data bundles which let you browse or downloads any amount of files without restriction. Though, fair usage applies to both packages.

Unlimited Premium Monthly Plan 
Cost: N19,800
Validity period: 30 days 

Unlimited lite Monthly Plan 
Cost: N10, 000
Validity period: 30 days

Smile Anytime Data Plans August 2018
Smile anytime is another plan that let you browse at 24/7 in a day. These plans come with pocket-friendly megabytes that you can buy and use with your devices.

200GB Anytime data 
Cost: N135,000
Validity period: 12 Months

100GB Anytime data 
Cost: N70,000
Validity period: 12 Months

80GB BumpaValue 
Cost: N50,000
Validity period: 120 days

60GB BumpaValue 
Cost: N30,000
Validity period: 90 days

30GB BumpaValue 
Cost: N15,000
Validity period: 60 days

15GB Anytime data 
Cost: N10,000
Validity period: 30 days

10GB Anytime data
Cost: N9, 000
Validity period: 30 days

7GB Anytime data
Cost: N5, 000
Validity period: 30 days

5GB Anytime data
Cost: N4, 000
Validity period: 30 days

20GB Anytime data
Cost: N17, 000
Validity period: 12 Months

50GB Anytime data
Cost: N36, 000
Validity period: 12 Months

3GB Anytime data
Cost: N3, 000
Validity period: 30 days

SmileLite 2GB data
Cost: N2, 000
Validity period: 30 days

SmileLite 1GB data
Cost: N1, 000
Validity period: 30 days

2GB FlexiWeekly
Cost: N1, 200
Validity period: 7 days

1GB FlexiDaily
Cost: N500
Validity period: 24Hours

3GB Weekend Only
Cost: N1,500
Validity period: 9pm Friday to Sunday midnight validity

3GB MidNight
Cost: N1,500
Validity period: 7 days

Smile Voice Only August 2018
Smile voice call is relatively cheap than others networks providers. On Smile voice call, you can call at the rate of 8kobo/sec to all networks which will give you over 200mins of calls. Though, you need to have active data bundle before you can use the Smile Voice.

SmileVoice ONLY plan
Cost: N1, 000
Validity period: 90 days 
**You need active data plan before you can use SmileVoice Only plan

SmileVoice ONLY plan
Cost: N3, 000
Validity period: 30 days 
**550 local call mins

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  1. This smile stuff will be more beneficial to someone like me, coz i love flexing data like mad(i no dey Cary last at in terms of browsing tricks) but the problem there is that, the procedures to he this Smile 4g Lyte is kind of Conny.

    Wait, a minute sir can I get Smile 4g LYTE on MTN sim? Or is it a network on its own?

    I remain
    -Sylvester Chidi

    1. Smile is a network provider (4G LTE) on his own. You need to have their Mifi/Router before you can use them. Moreover, you need to first of all know if their network coverage reach your area.

    2. Ooh.,
      Now iknow.
      Thanks for this, I really appreciate.