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Zero 5 Pro Vs Zero 5: Physical Features And Specifications

Earlier this month, Infinix Mobile launched its flagship device for the year. Though, we were expecting a single smartphone - ZERO 5 but the OEM decided to surprise us with the PRO version of the Zero 5. Both devices pack amazing features but the question now is that, what are differences between Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 Pro in specifications and physical appearance?

Zero 5 Pro Vs Zero 5: Physical Features And Specifications

Physical Features of Zero 5 Pro and Zero 5

Zero 5 Pro comes with golden finishing:

(Golden Finishing round the FingerPrint) (Golden Finishing Round Back camera)

Zero 5 comes with golden Metallic and captivating Finishing:

(Metallic Finishes round Fingerprint) (Captivating Finishing Round Camera)

Specifications of Zero 5 Pro vs Zero 5

Display: Zero 5 and Zero 5 Pro comes with Resolution 1920*1080: Which gives you Sharp 5.98 inches FHD Display and consume less battery. With the 85% NTSC values and 500 nit brightness features you can capture every amazing moment. 1920*1080 (368ppi) Resolution every moment is captured.

Camera: Zero 5 and Zero 5 Pro comes with Dual Camera Photography which bring the moment closer to you with One Touch. Adopting 1.25um huge pixel with 2x Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom up to 10x. The phones features 12MP + 13MP (comes with wide-angle+ telephoto features )6p + lens, f/2.0 wide-angle aperture, f/2.6 telephoto aperture and All your special moments is certified.

Super Speed Memory: Both devices have 6GB of RAM

Incredible Storage Master:
Zero 5: 64GB ROM
Zero 5 Pro: 128GB ROM

Gorilla Protection:
Anti- Scratch
Surface tension of 700Mpa
Strong Resistance capacity

Rear Photography Master:
Super quality capture
Multi- Frame Noise Technology [ Ensure perfect shots of every moment, Night party etc. at night ]
RGBW sensor [ ensures environment temperature to create a natural ambiance of your photos and moments ]
Flash LED
16 Mega-Pixel front camera
16 MP 4in1 selfie camera [ every moment comes to Stay True Happiness

Monster Performance:
Helio P25
CPU clock speed of 2.6 GHz
Super strong processing ability and smartphone powered by Helio P25
Optimized photo shooting
Optimize user experience and efficiency

Operating System:
XOS 3 latest
Android 7.0 Nougat

Other Features:
Anti-theft system
Flexible split-screen mode
New smart interaction
Xtheme [ Unlimited beauty, colourful wallpapers, and unlimited personalization ]
Magazine Lock screen [ Real-time moment interaction ]
Magic Movie [ Share your story, personality, and lifestyle with fast shooting lens, Real-time special effects ]
IOS Anti Shake and low light blurring
4x Sharper Zoom with clarity and image stability
PRO Mode
Calibration [ For parameters such as Metering, Shutter Time, IOS, EV, White Balance and Focal Length Adjustment.



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