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What to Expect and Leaked Images of Nokia 1

HMD Global; the Caretaker of Nokia is not relaxing this year at all in smartphone production as this is a comeback year for them.

There has been news of their to come device "NOKIA 1", according to HMD GLOBAL, this device is rumored to be their cheapest and affordable smartphone going for $95 /€80 compared to their other products, the expected launch date of the device is stated to be around March.

This device is said to almost look-alike Nokia 2 with its shape and specifications of 720p IPS screen, 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage, with the body build of a metallic frame and polycarbonate, hark back.

The device is expected to run Android GO, the lighter version of the mobile OS that is optimized for low-performance devices

Leaked Images of NOKIA 1

Nokia 1 Leaked Image

Nokia 1 Leaked Image

 As we can see clearly that there are two different images here, it is possible that HMD is still in an ocean of ideas on what and which design is to be used, but no matter what their decision may be this platform will surely keep you informed.


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