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Crytocurrencies: Ethereum and how to profit from it

Due to popular demand, I have decided to write on cryptocurrency particularly ETHEREUM. Perhaps if you are looking for a very lucrative investment to put your money on then look no further my friend, invest in cryptocurencies (ethereum).

Crytocurrencies: Ethereum and how to profit from it

Ethereum is one of the fast rising cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency world. It just over two years ethereum also know as ether has become the second largest and most sought for digital currencies aside from Bitcoins.

Ethereum is the second most valuable form of digital currencies after Bitcoin in terms of market value. Ethereum runs on the ethereum blockchain, which was first described by 19-year-old bitcoin programmer Vitalik Buterin in 2013; and the purpose of creating this is to have a platform where smart contracts can be built and ran.

How do I Get Ethereum?
  • you can get ethereum just by earning it just like money by telling your clients, customers to pay you in ethereum for services you provided or goods you sold. This is by far the most easiest and cheapest way to get ethereum.
  • you can also get it from LUNO too
Crytocurrencies: Ethereum and how to profit from it

The current price of Ethereum is $1017 (N402,440) but analyst have predicted the price of Ether to likely rise above $5,000 before the end of 2018. As of December  last year, ethereum was $600 and as today, ethereum is valued at $1017few month from now the price would have increased about twice it price
Crytocurrencies: Ethereum and how to profit from it

How Can I Sell my Ethereum?
  • The most easiest and safest way to get ethereum is through LUNO. You can easily sell your Ethereum and get the Naira equivalent of your ethereum which you have just sold paid  directly to your bank account. 
  • you can also buy through third party bitcoin/ethereum merchants online too. 
This is one of the best investment opportunity one can ever makes profit from. For example: someone
who bought 1 ethereum for $442 dollars last month which has now turned $1200 this month, the person has just made himself the profit of $800 dollars just buying and keeping cryptocurrecies.
Faith Emmanuel

Faith Emmanuel

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