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Google Wallet and Android Pay to function together under one brand, G Pay

Google integrates all its different payment tools into one coherent solution. Google Pay is the new brand under which Google Wallet, Android Pay, and more work. This means that from now on you will only need to submit your payment information to Google once more. Easy.

Google is a huge company responsible for several products and services that only occasionally get messy. This is the case with Google's digital payment solutions. However, the company merges all its different payment tools into Google Pay.

Google Pay

Google Pay replaces at least names like Android Pay and Google Wallet. The capabilities of these existing tools will remain largely the same, but they will be branded as Google Pay and work as a single coherent solution. That should save a lot of confusion and waste of time.

While Google announces the change in the keyword, Google claims it has "made it easier, safer and more consistent". over the last year. The result is Google Pay, a brand you'll see more and more in the coming months as partners enter the ranks.

Google Wallet and Android Pay to function together under one brand, G Pay

We are pleased to announce that we are merging the various payment options with Google, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into a single brand: Google Pay. ? #GooglePay

- Google Pay (@GooglePay) January 8, 2018

At launch, Google Pay is available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, and Instacart, as well as on some other unnamed sites and apps. To encourage users to use Google Pay sooner or later, Google offers money when you spend certain amounts on certain apps.

In short, "Google Pay" means that you only need to save your billing information to your Google Account once, and the company does the rest. And it does not matter if you buy apps from Google Play, pay online or in-store, or sign up for YouTube Red.

This is a good move from Google, which was a bit overdue. Branding is important, providing a seamless experience for the users who actually use the services you provide. By bringing everything under the Google Pay brand, Google has made things much easier.


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