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How To Check Glo Data Balance For July 2018

Checking your Glo data plans may sometimes seem difficult and frustrating, You may feel its very difficult when you can't recall the USSD code necessary that period of time. (How To Check Glo Data Balance For July 2018)

How To Check Glo Data Balance For July 2018

But I'm sure this Article will go a long run in helping you whenever you want to check the balance of your data usage. There is nothing difficult in it, I'm sure after reading this Article you would have the accurate knowledge required to check your GLO data balance. (How To Check Glo Data Balance For July 2018)

Have you ever received an unexpected message informing you your current data balance is 10mb or the one telling you " you have exhausted your monthly, Weekly or Daily data plan, Some only get to know the amount of MB they had when they subscribe and the message alert they received after exhausting their data bundle? (How To Check Glo Data Balance For July 2018

How would you feel if you are not so rich at that period of time?

The more reason you should check your GLO data balance more frequently than ever, keep monitoring your data usage for saving and balance data usage.

The GLO network operator is trying utmost best not to stress it, users, So checking your GLO data balance is very easy and simple. Here you would see the best outstanding ways to check your GLO data balance. The USSD code and the message step below will help you check your subscription data balance.

How To Check Glo Data Balance For July 2018

Via the GLO USSD code

The ussd code method is the most simpler way to check your data balance on your Android phones, Window phones, iPhone. For easy, you can just dial the USSD code *127*0# to see your data balance


Using the USSD code you need to dial *777#, an instruction message would pop up> Select the current plan of subscription> Select to manage data> Select data balance

Then you would get a response to your current data plan from the network operator

Via the Message

To check your GLO data balance via SMS, go to your message box> create the new message, write INFO and then send to 127. The GLO network service would reply your message without any delay, the network reply would include your current subscription data balance, your subscription date, and expiration date.

For GLO bounce data

If you are on GLO bounce data you can also check your data balance by simply dialing #122#

Should in case you are given GLO data bonus you can also check this by dialing the #122#  or the *606#

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