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Reasons why the Huawei and AT&T deal failed

Sequel to earlier report, the Huawei-AT&T deal over the selling of Mate 10 Pro was canceled and AT&T also confirmed it, though it was done indirectly, and no reason was given as to why the deal was canceled until now.

A new report coming out says the collaboration was called off after the US lawmakers raised issues over it.
Reasons why the Huawei and AT&T deal failed

Here's what the report said:
The AT&T deal died a few weeks after members of the U.S. Senate and House intelligence committees wrote to the Federal Communications Commission raising concerns about reports that Huawei had struck a deal with a major telecommunications carrier.
The US lawmakers were said to be  concerned over the Chinese company's alleged political and intelligence ties to the communist party and Chinese intelligence
The Dec. 20 letter cited an intelligence committee report on the Chinese firm’s alleged ties to the Communist Party and China’s intelligence and security services. “Additional work by the Intelligence Committees on this topic only reinforces concerns regarding Huawei and Chinese espionage,”
Telco giant Verizon who also had plans to sell the Huawei Mate series smartphone later this year according  to reports is also under pressure now to cancel the launch.

Faith Emmanuel

Faith Emmanuel

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