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Whatsapp Business officially launched but Nigerians has to wait

Whatsapp has finally launched its much anticipated business app known as Whatsapp Business. The app make it easier for small businesses to "respond to customers, separate customers from private messages and create an official presence for businesses". For users it does not change, they can continue to use Whatsapp without additional downloads. In addition, they should continue to be able to block any desired number - even those of companies.

Whatsapp Business officially launched but Nigerians has to wait

Whatsapp Business: Companies can create profile
Companies, in turn, benefit from the ability to create a company profile that includes address, opening hours, and contact information. In addition, so-called quick responses often sent messages can be easily saved and re-sent - such as answers to frequently asked questions.

An automatic out of office or welcome message can also be created with Whatsapp Business. Also interesting: With the new company app statistics can be retrieved on how many times a message has been successfully sent, transmitted and read. Of course, the other functions of the Whatsapp messenger are also retained. However, if you change from the messenger to Whatsapp Business, you should create a backup in advance, as a return is no longer possible, according to Whatsapp.

For private users, the publication of Whatsapp Business means that when the new service is accepted by companies, they can see exactly if they are communicating with a company or another home user. In the future, companies will gradually be able to be verified and equipped with an appropriate emblem next to the contact name.

Whatsapp Business: No information on possible costs

Whether WhatsApp will unlock money for the use of business accounts in the future - as expected, the announcement says nothing. Also the second, according to a report since summer tested business tool, which should use larger enterprises in the future, found no mention. The Whatsapp message closes with the words: "And that's just the beginning!" So we can be curious.

Whatsapp Business: Nigerians has to wait
The messages between companies and their customers would be protected as usual with WhatsApp by an end-to-end encryption, emphasized Singh. The restriction to a maximum of 256 members in a group also remains for the company app. However, the focus is on simplifying conversations with individual customers, emphasized Singh.

The app first arrived in the US, UK, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia on Google's App Store on Thursday and is expected to be available in Nigeria in the coming weeks.



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