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Facebook Messenger Lite now supports video calls

The Facebook messenger lite app, a messenger app that was initially launched by Facebook to increase its usage in other developing countries all around the world, with internet issues, expensive data packages and many more. It is designed for the lower-end devices with minimal storage and slower internet connections issues, well I bring you good news as the Messanger lite app now includes the video chat feature after an update yesterday.

Facebook messenger lite now supports video calls

The video chat features works like that of the other messenger apps, you can mute the call, change where the audio plays through, turn video call to a voice call or end the call. to start the video call you can either tap the video icon in a conversation or tap the middle screen during a voice call to initiate a video chat.

The other good news is that the messenger lite app weighs 19MB, and that 29.72MB less than the other Facebook messenger app which weighs 48.72 MB. which is quite good for those with less memory on their phone.

Faith Emmanuel

Faith Emmanuel

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