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Supreme Tips, one of the best football betting prediction App you can trust

The online sports betting market has taken off in a major way over the last few years, becoming a multi-billion pound industry. Gambling is no longer seen as something that is either something seedy, for those with lots of disposable cash or exclusively for those who are addicted to risk.

If you are interested in football betting and have looked for a mobile app that offers football betting prediction on the internet, you may have heard of Supreme Tips. Supreme Tips is a mobile football betting prediction app that was created by a professional football punter who aims to make online football betting a reliable source of income for everyone.
Supreme Tips, one of the best football betting prediction App you can trust

The Supreme Tips app is doing great on Google Play Store has it reported to have been downloaded over 10 thousand times plus with 4.5 rating and a lot of positive comments from users of the app. The app is enriched with a nice and lovely interface which is easy and smooth for users.

Highlight Features Of Supreme Tips Football Betting Predictions App
1. Membership is FREE
2. Daily FREE safe 2+ odds available
3. You can check Live score without leaving the app
4. The App interface is simple and well designed
5. Offers the best-analyzed halftime-fulltime
6. Offers best combos
7. Timely betting tips available on the app Telegram page
8. Can be used globally

Supreme Tips offers the best-analyzed halftime fulltime, gives free safe 2+ odds for max betting and best combos. The app is well designed and the interface is something you can't put into the west.

Taking a tour at the free 2+ Odd section of the app, there, it is clearly stated that what they are offering is not 100% sure but the chances of winning are very high and you should only stake what you can afford to lose, simply means that only 10% of your income.

Apart from the 2+ Odd you get to enjoy each day, the app also offers Livescore checking, so you don't have to leave the app before you can track your games.

Supreme Tips also offers VIP treatment for punters who want to earn more. The VIP section offer service that guarantees you of tips with top value odds.

To get started, kindly download Supreme Tips App at Google Play Store or visit



  1. Ok. I will download and give it a try. But 2+ Odds is quite small o.

    1. Yeah it's small but more safe and you can stake high also visit the site for more tips and bigs odd

  2. Wow thanks it's one of the best app money making sites.. . Thanks to you