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How To Activate Airtel 2GB For N100 and 10GB for N500 valid for a Month

This is such a good time for Airtel users as we have been seeing lot's of data offers coming in for the subscribers to pick from, and here comes another one. In this post, I will be putting you through on how to get a massive 2GB for just N100, and 10GB with just N500 "Isn't that great"?.

I must say that some other network subscribers must have been thinking of moving or swapping to Airtel Network but either way, this post is not to get customers for Airtel but for you and your loved ones to get great values for your money on purchasing Aitel data plan. The New Airtel Data Plan works on 2G/3G and 4G network, it can be used during the daytime and night to browse and make downloads without the need for a VPN application.

How To Activate Airtel 2GB For N100 and 10GB for N500 valid for a Month

Well, don't see this as a Cheat or Trick but as a Bonus offer from Airtel cause it works just like a normal subscription, although it requires some little trick to set-up.

So let's get to business, In order for you have access to the N100 for 2GB and N500 for 10GB, all that is required of you is to PORT your line from MTN to Airtel Network after which you will need to follow up some tricks to get the data.

How to Port from MTN to Airtel Network

  • Your registered MTN Sim is needed
  • A valid ID Card is required to complete the process. (Student ID card, Voter’s card, National ID card or Driver's license)
  • Now, visit any Airtel store around you, tell them you want to port and fill out every process that is required of you.
  • Once you are done with the porting process, you will receive an SMS on your MTN line telling you to reboot and input the newly ported Airtel SIM you ported.
  • You will get a confirmation message welcoming you to the Airtel network.

*Don't forget that you will still retain the MTN number after porting to the Airtel network but you will be recharging Airtel airtime on the line and using Airtel tariff plans and services.

How to Activate Cheap Airtel 2GB for N100 Data

After you have successfully ported to Airtel Network, go ahead to recharge your line through your bank applications or through Top up Applications (like Zoto App, TopUp Afri, a and others).
Mind you, Do not recharge through card PIN or else the trick won't work.

A recharge of N100 will get you a free 2GB data valid for the duration of 30 days (a month). Meanwhile, your N100 will still be intact.

You can dial *223# to check your data balance.

How to Activate Airtel N500 for 10GB Data

To get the N500 for 10GB data, you will apply the same method used above here too.
After you have recharged your line with N500, 10GB free data will instantly land on your line. Meanwhile, your recharged N500 will still remain intact on the line.

You can dial *223# to check your data balance.

***You can see that to get the whopping free Airtel data of 2GB For N100 and 10GB for N500 is as simple as ABC (smiles), so, therefore, the more you recharge N100, the more the data accumulates, just as N200 recharge will fetch you instant free 4GB data bonus, N500 recharge will give you 10GB and so on.

Another lovely thing about this Trick is that the data can be accumulated but can’t exceed 50GB data which has a validity of 30 days.

So, why waste time in getting your own free data of 2GB and 10GB up to 50GB (I call it free cause your recharged money/airtime will still be intact) and please do not forget to share your opinions or questions in the comment section. Thank you.


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