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Next iPhone to have a 5G Network Connection

There have been countless numbers of technology innovations seen in this era, such as the growth of Mobile Broadband Network connections, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and many more. But one certain thing about technological innovations is that it keeps growing each and every day.

Next iPhone to have a 5G Network Connection

Concerning the Mobile Broadband Network connectivity, "5G network" seems to be next big step as mobile phone manufacturers are all getting set to join the race of Network Technology, and according to reports from the U.S. media, which revealed that Apple is urging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to abandon its plans in using the UHF spectrum of 5G wireless connections but to make the wireless spectrum technology available for enterprises. This concern shows Apple’s interest in preparing for a 5G enabled iPhone.

Apple also recommends that the FCC reserves more 5G spectrum without charging licensing fees, just as the FCC did for Wi-Fi. In this regard, it made two suggestions. First, it proposed that the FCC should increase the proportion of frequency bands used for non-authorized purposes, which is different from the agency’s more preferred mode of authorization. Secondly, it wants FCC to broaden the spectrum for unlicensed use.

This move attracted the attention of the smartphone industry and it is believed that Apple has begun to prepare for an iPhone supporting 5G network, and it will produce results probably next year. However, some sectors believe that Apple is requesting too much from FCC and they expect the company to make its own independent advancement just like Huawei. Do you think that Apple is asking for too much?



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