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Apple bans cryptocurrency mining applications from the App store

Apple has just recently updated it Apple store policies and guidelines to stop all applications from allowing on-device mining. As of now any application that comes with any cryptocurrency feature will be outrightly removed from the store and any subsequent submission will be rejected.

Apple bans cryptocurrency mining applications  from Apple store

The new guidelines which have just been added of recent says "App will not be able to mine for cryptocurrency unless the processing is performed off device and application with any third party promotion displayed within them will not be to run unrelated background processes such as cryptocurrency mining. "

Apple's new guidelines are taking effect at a time of growing concern about fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency world. The new rules have also been introduced due to concerns about the longevity of the battery and hardware.

Cryptocurrency mining on smartphones is just a waste of effort as most of these devices do not have enough power to do any meaningful mining as cryptocurrency mining is a processor intensive job which requires a large amount of power and put great demands on the hardware too which would affect both the hardware and the battery.

Faith Emmanuel

Faith Emmanuel

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