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Facebook Launches New Video Game streaming Hub

Facebook has launched Fb.gg, a streaming hub that makes discovering new gaming streams easier than ever. This follows the launch of Facebook’s gaming creator pilot programme earlier this year, which was designed to attract more video game streamers to the website.

Fb.gg users are given a small navigation menu to the left, where they can choose to either view the default active stream "grid" or search for streams by game. Some of the games included in Facebook's "Browse All Games" section include Fortnite, PUBG, DOTA 2, and Minecraft.

Since it launch, Facebook's total game stream views number in the hundreds of thousands, with Fortnite streams managing to draw in more than 200 thousand viewers to date.

It's still pretty unlikely that Twitch (popular streaming platform) will see Facebook as a real competitor anytime soon. Twitch still has several features Facebook Live lacks, so Twitch viewers and streamers alike will need a pretty good reason to make the switch.
owhe samson

owhe samson

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