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See how to send Free SMS to all Network

Seeing the headline "See how to send Free SMS to all Network" you must have thought is this really possible, well, worry no more as I am informing you as at this moment that it is very possible.

First of all, I would like to apologize for not informing you earlier because I have been using this means to message many of my contacts regardless of the network they are using whenever I am out of airtime even when I'm having airtime on my line.

See how to send Free SMS to all Network

Just as the image shown above, the application is called "Elanol" which allows you to send Free SMS anyone anytime regardless of the network provider they are on, and I have been using this application for a while now (over a year to be precise).

One interesting thing about this Elanol app is that you can post pictures, follow and be followed by other users, share news and so on, You can also subscribe on the app to send bulk SMS to your family and friends, associations, groups and so on at an affordable price compared to whats being charged by other bulk SMS platforms.

To application is very simple to use, all you have to do is to search "Elanol" and download it from your AppStore or Click here to Download


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