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.ng domain registrations targeted at 1m by 2023, says Nigeria Internet registrar

In another five years (2023), Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is targeting the registration of about one million .ng domains names. NIRA president disclosed that the Nigerian domain name is one of the most unique names on the Internet.

.ng domain registrations targeted at 1m by 2023, says Nigeria Internet registrar
Rev. Sunday Folayan, President of NIRA at a post-event interview in Lagos said there has been an increased growth of about 50 per cent year-on-year growth of .ng from 3000 to over 100,000 in the last few years, “but we believe that with this growth rate, in another five years, we should hit one million domain names.”

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 According to Rev. Folayan, two things have contributed to the growth, first Nigerians are beginning to realize that it cost more money to register a non .ng domains, and the fall in the value of naira is responsible for this.

The second reason for the growth is the fact that more Nigerians are taking their businesses online, emphasizing more on this point, he said,
“ Nigerians are beginning to recognise that brick and mortal businesses would get patronage from their catchment, but when you take a business online, its opportunities are limitless. For example we love parties a lot in Nigeria, there are so many people who come from abroad and bury their loved ones and do parties and their only contact to the event planners are through the Internet, through recommendations and various online channels and they look at recommendations of other people and see that these Nigerian entities provide qualitative values, services and so they are patronised and from there, they continued to grow and compete with other global brand.”
The .ng domain belongs to Nigeria and it is very unique because most action verb in the English language ends with ng, examples of this include running, shopping, and more. It is also attractive to Asians, cheng, chung, Samsung, they all end with ng, so we have a unique string that appeals to cross spectrum of people all over the world. So, the .ng domain name can be sold everywhere, not only in Nigeria.”

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When asked about the decline in infrastructure deterring hosting services in the country, Folayan said Nigeria was capable of hosting those facilities if local content development is considered, he also added, 
“When people say there is no infrastructure, what they are saying is like electricity is not been reliable. In the last 10 years, there was no fibre into Nigeria, except SAT3, which was under monopoly control, it was very expensive, the operators were not business minded and didn’t understand what we were talking about. But in the last five years, not less than five submarine cables have berthed in Nigeria. The MainOne, WACS, Glo1, SAT3, ACE. There is sufficient bandwidth in Nigeria now. Data Centres too are springing up to provide hosting services. A couple of them are building their facilities to be redundant, not just in one location, even if there is natural disaster, they still able to recover.
 I know a submarine cable provider that has cable in Nigeria from the sea and from Cotonuo through the mainland, so if there is problem, there is redundancy. So what we need now is for data centre to start partnering with OEMs the Dell, HP, Acer would bring in their equipment, wire it into the data centres and begin to sell services to the people and power it, so that is the infrastructure but for you to have the infrastructure, there must be an ecosystem. That is what NiRA is pushing and creating.”
Sunday Owhe

Sunday Owhe

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