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WhatsApp future update to detect suspicious link

WhatsApp is really working at its best these days to make the platform one of the top-most Instant Messaging app in the world and to make the interface as easy and friendly for all its users. Recently, we have been getting some updates which include the feature to re-download deleted media, feature that label message as forwarded, and many others.

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WhatsApp Future Update to detect Suspicious Link

According to wabetainfo.com, it has been reported that WhatsApp is working on a new feature dubbed “Suspicious Link Detection” which is still in the testing stage.

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This feature will help users to detect sent and received links that are suspicious in WhatsApp. The feature works by analyzing the messages received and detects if it redirects to a fake or alternative website and if it happens that the link is suspicious, it will then present an highlighted message in red color with the warning sign of a suspicious link.

However, if you decided to proceed by visiting the suspicious link regardless of the warning message, WhatsApp will alert you again that you are trying to open a possible suspicious link.

This is a pretty good and useful feature as this will curb the likes of those sending fake and insecure links either for spamming or sort, although the feature is not yet available for everyone as it is still in the testing stage but with every hope this feature should be fully developed and rolled out for both iOS and Android users in the coming days.


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